Angel Therapy Healing

Angel Therapy Healing is a redesigned site for a healer with four different specialties. Her initial site was in a blog format with all content from a previous owner. The backend was not user friendly and the design would have been very difficult for her to manage. We meet and discussed her goals and worked together to create a beautiful and informative site. I suggested using the Enfold template which gave us more creative options for a modern design.I offered my suggestions for a great home page, helped her design and create her logo, as well as, provide editing for all of her text entries.

I helped her with marketing strategies, facebook ideas, professional photos for branding, and multi-lingual options as she also wants to provide a Spanish version of her site.

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I am truly grateful for having Dr. Ronald L. Mann, as my website developer. When it comes to someone who values your time and ideas, his work will exceptionally exceed your expectations. His peaceful presence allows you to share all your ideas and to finally decide what is best for your business and what is the best representation of who you are. His work is interconnected with perseverance and a strong work ethic. I find him very trustworthy. He has done an exceptional job by giving me the extra time, the extra thought, and the unconditional help.

Thank you for being a wonderful example of God’s love.

Nathalie Johnson

Angel Therapy Healing