Business Development

If you own a business, life can be complicated and challenging. I have experience and expertise helping small business owners become more successful in organizing and marketing their business. You are the most important assest for your business and your personal understanding and development will make a difference.

If you are working too much “in the business” and not enough “on your business,” then things need to change.

Our business coaching process will help you identify your goals, identify and remove the blocks that impede your progress and bring you greater peace of mind and financial success.


The Importance of Leadership

The Eight Essential Competencies

There are eight essential competencies that are important and interrelated for effective leadership. Each one affects the other and all together they result in a stronger, wiser, more powerful executive. A greater discussion of all these principles can be found in my latest book, Bouncing Back: How to Recover When Life Knocks You Down. They are:

  1. Self Confidence.
  2. Emotional Intelligence.
  3. Spiritual Values.
  4. Established Personal Identity
  5. Coachablity.
  6. Positive State of Mind.
  7. Ability to Adjust.
  8. Integrity.


If you would like to assess your strengths in Self Confidence, please take the self-test below. Answer all questions true or false.

  • When I fall short of my own expectations, I forgive myself.
  • I regard my father with great esteem.
  • I choose friends who respect me.
  • I choose friends who are sensitive.
  • I value my contributions to the world.
  • I respect my mother.
  • I respect my friends and loved ones.
  • I do not need to be perfect in everything I do.
  • I do not allow other people to walk all over me.

If you answered “false” to two or more of the above items, you may need to do some personal work in the area of self-belief.


How to develop a business plan

This video was developed for training participants at the University-Community Project Social Action Research program co-sponsored by Arizona State University and the Jain Irrigation System.  It gives an overview on the steps to develop a good business plan.


Leadership Training Video

This is the third training video for the UCPSARnet Leadership Academy. This material is largely based upon the work of John Maxwell and it discusses his belief that leadership is determined by one’s level of influence. We discuss what it takes to become a person of influence.