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Ghost writing is an art. You need someone who can intuit your perspective and express your thoughts and feelings, along with having good writing and organization skills. I have written five books, one of which, Sacred Healing,  is a Los Angeles Times Best Seller. You can see all my published books below.

The book highlighted below, The Making of a Champion, was written, with and for, Coach Joe Taylor. He is a legend in the college football world and a four time member of the College Hall of Fame. Coach called me and asked me to help him write his book. It has been a great success. I have written five books, one of which, Sacred Healing,  is a Los Angeles Times Best Seller.

I am available to help you write your book. You can receive help with the following:

  • Concept Design
  • Organizational Development
  • Complete Written Manuscript
  • Final PDF document for Publication
  • Cover Design
  • Marketing and Promotion


I picked up the book ― “Bouncing Back: How To Recover When Life Knocks You Down” and could not put it down. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I was so inspired that I reached out to Dr. Ron Mann ― the author, to help me with a life time dream of writing a book. When we talked I felt his integrity, his true spiritual being and love for sharing knowledge. The connection further developed with a visit from Ron to Tallahassee where we spent several days together. I thank God for allowing me to trust my gut feeing on this project with Ron because it has been a very humbling but gratifying experience.

The phone interviews, the inspirational stories from my former players, the re-writes and on-going efforts from Ron have been extremely rewarding. To give a true sense of his professionalism and effectiveness, this was to be a twelve months project but was basically completed in four months ― you talk about a fast-track.

The success of my book is due to the outstanding work provided by Dr. Ron Mann.Coach Taylor

Ron is a trained clinical psychologist, peak performance coach, and best selling author. He combines a deep understanding of spiritual development along with his business and sports acumen. The success of my book is due to the outstanding work provided by Dr. Ron Mann.

Sincerely, Joseph D. Taylor

The Making of a Champion

Other Published Books by Dr. Mann

Life is like a bouncing ball – there are ups and there are downs! With the election of President Trump, we are having a lot of ups and downs! Typically shared values of honesty, integrity, accountability, trust, respect, sacrifice, and compassion are being discarded for “alternative facts,” bullying, deceit, deception, denial, blame, and violence.
We are headed down a dark path, which will take America away from love, peace, and unity towards fear, anxiety, separation, and conflict. This is not the way to “Make America Great!”

Bouncing Back 2017 In Crisis! is about Life and Change, Challenge and Triumph, Decisions and how to maintain Wisdom, Love, Power, and Maturity at this moment in time with all of the domestic and world-wide turmoil humanity is experiencing.


“Life is like a bouncing ball – there are ups and there are downs!

Give the gift of truth, inner knowledge and wisdom to someone special in your life – sports enthusiasts, husbands, fathers, brothers, lovers, boyfriends! And don’t forget the women in your life too! A necessary, enlightening and practical book for all!

The stories and interviews of famous athletes cover the pages of this publication with intimate conversations about their own lives’! You will hear from such greats as Jim Brown, Doug DeCinces, Lee Brandon, Dick Fosbury, Buck Rodgers, Diego Corrales, José Torres and Trey Waltke! Not to mention the author’s own story, Dr. Mann delivers his personal narrative of hardships and grand slams!

This book is an excellent choice for Birthdays, Graduations, Anniversaries, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day or a “Just because I love you” book.

Bouncing Back 2017 In Crisis takes you on a real journey into the lives’ of top sports figures – past and present as they openly share their stories as they embarked upon their own chosen paths. Inspirational and very moving, we are invited to look into their souls and feel their passion for what they truly love. This book is about Life and Change, Challenge and Triumph, Decisions and Courage and NOW, this moment in time with all of the world-wide tumult humanity is experiencing.

Sports and Spirituality all wrapped up and bound together – Bouncing Back 2017 in Crisis is for all people and all seasons. This is not a book about sports – this is a book about life! Surviving in a world of chaos and confusion, fear and doubt, we all must find a way of maintaining our sanity and peace of mind. The vibrant and touching stories that fill the pages of this book reinforce hope, faith and trust for the many small and major life challenges we all face from time to time. From their inner journeys to the outer manifestation of that inner work, we see how they became stronger, more compassionate and understanding and literally reinvent themselves when necessary. Bravery, honesty with oneself, open to transformation, learning the lessons – the men and women in this book can be our teachers. Their tenacity, determination, gutsiness and flexibility are their footprints in the sand. Take a walk in their shoes! Let’s play ball!

Bouncing Back 2017 in Crisis provides Eight Principles that anyone can follow – guidelines to aid us along our own paths of inner searching and growing. Developing our own spiritual journey, which is very personal to each of us, does not mean being a member of any religion or no religion. It is our unique path, our learning the lessons that come into our own lives’, gaining wisdom and clarity. Anyone who reads this book will come away with a much better and clearer vision and understanding of what is needed, necessary for all of humankind. Will we have every answer? Life is a continuous mystery. Questions will always arise. Keeping this book close at hand will remind us when we forget! Touchdown!”
~Kathleen Kobak

“I treasure Ron Mann’s books, and now with “Bouncing Back 2017 in Crisis!” I have something I’m delighted to share with my husband. Dr. Mann has a winning strategy to help the men in our lives deal more effectively with the stress and strains of these difficult political and economic times. “Bouncing Back 2017 in Crisis!” conveys important concepts and solutions through the experiences of well-known professional sports figures. Their stories are interwoven throughout the book and delivered with key concepts and advise from the perspective of a life of deep reflection and healing. ”
Cyd West
Executive Director
The World Academy for the Future of Women

Sacred Healing Cover

LA Times Healthy Bestseller

For those interested in deepening their understanding of the inherent healing power of the soul, and for those who wish to expand their knowledge on incorporating spiritual approaches into healing of the mind, body and emotions. It is designed to be a handbook for psycho-spiritual practice and set a standard for quality, spiritually oriented psychotherapy. Dr. Mann integrates the ancient wisdom found in yoga philosophy with modern psychotherapy.

His personal stories reveal a depth of understanding and clear insight.

I could not resist myself from writing a few words for “Sacred Healing.” I would really love to congratulate on your wonderful creation, I am sure it must have been a divine idea to put all this in words. It is the type of content where one becomes mute or hardly find words to express as the experiences are so visionary and illusionary, but your humble expressions in the Personal account of Awakening are lofty.

I am finding this book of the status of “Many Lives, Many Masters.” In fact, more authentic, as your part is felt in body and mind, and of course beyond that.
Bindu, Visionary Artist Delhi, India

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More than a book about sports! The Coaches Guide to Mastering the Mental Game

This book is the core textbook for the Mental Golf Coach Certification training program offered at It is recommended and endorsed by the United States Golf Teachers Federation. This textbook is also being used as the core material for the Coaching Certification Course offered by the Chinese Division of the United States Golf Teachers Federation. You can now get this textbook without taking the certification course and at a fraction of the cost! This is professional information that is unknown to the general public. It is now available to you. Whether you are a coach or a parent, this book will give you great insights and tools to enhance the mental game of golf, or any sport.

My favorite chapter, Chapter 9. Yogic Breathing. A perfect breath exercise that allows you to step into the Peak Performance Focus Zone and smack that ball to the flag effortlessly. Ron’s work is deep and wide. I think this online certification is a must for any age golfer who wants to use a more holistic approach to create a winning golf game.
—Penny Pulz
Ranked Top 10 LPGA golfer in the world with 2 LPGA wins and named twice as a Top 50 Teacher.

This is a must read for anyone wanting to enhance his or her coaching skills for the mental game of golf. It is comprehensive and goes deep into the issues that create mental toughness in competition. I plan to use this material in our mental golf coaching certification courses here in China.

—Toby Tse
Director USGTF-China

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Learning to Win
The Yoga of Golf

The Yoga of Golf provides a gateway to actually move past the limitations of the mind and open the doorway to the Zone. It teaches you meditation, breathing and stretching techniques along with philosophy to change your life and your game.

“If you are committed to taking your life and game to the next level, read this book!”
—Lee Brandon
2001 RE/MAX Women’s World Long Drive Champion & 2003 Women’s World Long Drive Champion


Bouncing Back: How to Recover When Life Knocks You Down

This book provides the Eight Fundamental Principles for success and recovery during life’s most difficult times. This book is based upon interviews with World Class athletes like Jim Brown, Doug DeCinces, Dick Fosbury, Lee Brandon and Jose Torres.

Bouncing Back allows the reader to explore the deeper underlying psychological and spiritual dynamics that motivated and inspired these great athletes. You will be surprised and awakened by their stories and honest revelations about the source of their success.

Dr. Mann shares the depth of his wisdom and understanding about life in this book. He takes these interviews to the next level and integrates this information with profound psychological and spiritual teachings. You will not only be entertained by this stories, but will also be given the help you need when life gets tough.

“Ron, I have read a number of books during my career as a Head Football Coach. I opened up your book “Bouncing Back” and couldn’t put it down. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book and shared it with my players as a must read book. The ability to COPE with challenges in our lives is the key to maintaining a high level of success. Your book truly reinforce the idea of its not what happens to you but how you respond. Congratulations on a job well done!”
—Coach Joe Taylor
, Head Football Coach Florida A & M

“I have read other books by author Ronald Mann over the last decade – but this book is my favorite. He combines and interweaves a very subtle
spiritual wisdom with what seems to be the best of common sense – which is not very common today. He delivers a message of hope and a pathway and inner map to get to a place of greater self peace. He does this by using personal stories from famous sports people like Jim Brown but also from his own insights and experiences.

BOOK!W.H. McDonald
“The book radiates energy that should impact the reader in a very positive action-orientated way. This is one of those books that you read that can change your life direction immediately. If you truly follow the advice; you can recover from life’s many downturns and
emotionally heal. I fully recommend this book for yourself, or as a gift
to those in your life who could benefit from this kind of proactive
book. I think that men in particular, will feel more comfortable reading
this kind of self-improvement book, as it is written with a strong
undercurrent of male energy – although women will also appreciate and
benefit from its wisdom.

Truly a FIVE STAR BOOK!” —W. H. McDonald Jr.

Bouncing Back Cover