Custom Online Learning


We can create a special online course for your business. You can certify people in a speciality and save them the time and expense associated with in-class programs. Students can learn at home or their office and proceed at their own pace.

You control the content, cost, and who has access to your course. It can be open to the public or just those in your business, office, or community.

We use the same programs that universities like Harvard use to create their courses. Take a look at a couple of sites that have these online programs up and running. You can have any content in your lessons: text, videos, audio, pdf files, etc.

Your course will also include quizzes and final exams to ensure students have mastered the materials prior to their completion.

Check out these two websites:


Embed Video Content

This is an example of a video that can be placed in any online learning course. I use Vimeo but you can also use YouTube. An online course could be a series of videos for each lesson.