I was requested to help SpeakFour redesign and develop its website. SpeakFour is a membership site that provides access to experts in a variety of fields for online coaching and therapy.

This is a complicated website that includes a number of elements:

  • Over 60 pages.
  • E-Commerce capacity through woo commerce.
  • Appointment Scheduler Plugin for Woocommerce.
  • Membership enrollment through Paid Membership Pro.
  • Gamification through MyCred
  • SSL Certificate.
  • Slider elements to provide interesting graphics with hyperlinks..
  • Multiple PDF downloads.
  • Video placements and integration with Vimeo and Youtube.
  • Complex registration forms through Gravity Forms.
  • Multiple custom designed plugins for plugin integration and enhanced product search capabilities.
  • Paypal and Stripe account links for direct payment and donations.
  • Zendesk integration for IM and instant translation.
  • Doxy.me plugins for instant chat and video connections.
  • HIPAA Compliant forms transmission, emails, and video chats.


“I can’t emphasize strongly enough how important Ron was to my site. He successfully brought my vision to life which is the definition of great designer and I couldn’t ask for more. Yet it didn’t stop there. He could have just completed the project and said, “My job is done here.” But that’s not what happens when you collaborate with Ron. Top-notch research, networker, and relentless about getting what you want, to happen. What more could you ask for? I want something done, he makes it happen. I don’t know what else you could look for. He takes the project to the end 100%, the way you want it, polished and most importantly meticulously complete. A great communicator, a compassionate person, and above all a professional. Bang for your buck? More like a supernova. A true treasure and worth, every, penny. Could not have asked for more. Thanks Ron.”

Matthew Bates
SpeakFour, LLC