“I can’t emphasize strongly enough how important Ron was to my site. He successfully brought my vision to life which is the definition of great designer and I couldn’t ask for more. Yet it didn’t stop there. He could have just completed the project and said, “My job is done here.” But that’s not what happens when you collaborate with Ron. Top-notch research, networker, and relentless about getting what you want, to happen. What more could you ask for? I want something done, he makes it happen. I don’t know what else you could look for. He takes the project to the end 100%, the way you want it, polished and most importantly meticulously complete. A great communicator, a compassionate person, and above all a professional. Bang for your buck? More like a supernova. A true treasure and worth, every, penny. Could not have asked for more. Thanks Ron.”

Matthew Bates
SpeakFour, LLC

Thank you for your generous contribution of website design, implementation, and refinement for the Global Interactions and the World Academy for the Future of Women. Your expertise and skill in the development and installation of these sites will assist us in the acceleration of women’s leadership worldwide. Your generous contribution of time, ideas, and manageability were beyond our reach and we are grateful for your partnership and support. You contribution is estimated at $10,000.00. This pro bono contribution has made a substantial difference in our ability to expand our work.

Jerrie Ueberle
Global Interactions, Inc., President

My wife, Lydia, and I struggled for several years to showcase her unique jewelry designs on Ebay and Etsy. While” L.B. Mas” experienced moderate success both nationally and internationally using these outlets, I thought it would be best to have her artistry highlighted on a website solely dedicated to her business. Sentimentally, I chose to gift Lydia with a website as a 36th Anniversary present. With the sentiment involved and along with the value I place on Lydia’s original beaded jewelry designs, I sought out Dr. Ron Mann to make this happen. With the depth of Ron’s aesthetical “eye” and heart-connection to the project, he effortlessly produced a website that captured the spirit of Lydia’s designs. Working with Ron has been a treasured experience that has jump-started our enthusiasm for creating more designs in the L.B. Mas line of jewelry. We are excited and looking forward to the success I am sure our website will bring us!

Paul Mohr

Working with Ron turned out to be the best solution for creating our website. After procrastinating for years, Ron was able to jump-start the design process and guide the development of our website from start to finish. He worked as hard to understand what we needed as he did to create the website itself. I am very pleased with the results and appreciate his pro-active and collaborative approach. The result is that we finally have a website and it stands apart from others in our category, thanks to Ron.

Sam Sprague, Aurbis Development President

I am truly grateful for having Dr. Ronald L. Mann, as my website developer. When it comes to someone who values your time and ideas, his work will exceptionally exceed your expectations. His peaceful presence allows you to share all your ideas and to finally decide what is best for your business and what is the best representation of who you are. His work is interconnected with perseverance and a strong work ethic. I find him very trustworthy. He has done an exceptional job by giving me the extra time, the extra thought, and the unconditional help.

Thank you for being a wonderful example of God’s love.

Julien Nathalie Eshtehar
Angel Therapy Healing

Ron Mann has created A website that is not only more functional than anything we’ve had before, but also more attractive. He is a pleasure to work with and we’re delighted with the results.

Cyd West, Executive Director
World Academy for the Future of Women